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Angsaraya Resources is a wholly owned Bumiputera company providing services at event planning and event management located in Shah Alam. Angsaraya Resources now had grown becoming more active and successful by expansion at the business. The company is capable in offering complete event planning and management services, special event coordination, high quality activities, and marketing communication.

Among other services provided under this wing is motivation camp management, development and leadership training, outdoor activities, family day, teambuilding, explorace, camping and also for printing  and advertising services.

The company also had the capabilities supported with team of expert and professional in providing hand-on course and training either for corporate ceremony, team building and outdoor orientation or soft-skill course. The combination of experienced and discipline in government and private sectors as well as the corporate organization allow the company to commit in delivering the services tailored to the specific needs requirements of each particular project and client.

It also the philosophy of Angsaraya Resources to emphasize the right values and professionalisme in every aspect of struggle to achieve excellence in all the ventures.

Customer satisfaction

Parallel with the company motto, ‘Work With Us, Grow With Us, Excel Together’, customer satisfaction has been set as the prime criteria for standard set of our services.

We always ensure that each of services provided will fulfill the maximum specification and satisfactory of our customers. This also strives through our philosophy to bring the best congenial flow with our customers and together drive the excellence in the result.

Effectiveness and Trustworthiness

The integrity and transparency factor will be our policy in carrying out what ever program and consultancy with our customers.

This is to ensure the interest of both party could be attained and the most crucial mean is to get hold the effectiveness of responds and trustworthiness from the customers, subsequent to maintain long term relationship and network. 

High Quality and Skillful

The management of Angsaraya Resources will always ensure the execution of work and management is at the highest quality and efficiency .



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